Your First Qigong Movement

Your First Qigong Movement

There are some movements in Qigong that are timeless.  These movements appear throughout many different styles of Qigong, and are essential to the practice.

When we discover these movements, they are true treasures.  Simple, basic, and at the root of all Qigong practice that has ever been created.

Your first Qigong movement should be this movement.

The movement is best described by the feeling and intention rather than the movement itself, as the movement itself is simple explain.

The absolute first thing you should do when you practice Qigong is take one nice breath, and relax.  There are no rules or expectations of this one breath, it’s just a simple acknowledgement of your intention to relax.

Tonight, I performed this before my normal Qigong routine by looking up at the night sky, forgetting everything for a moment, and taking one breath.  Focusing only on that one breath, it was a simple moment where there was nothing more than being and breathing.

This will set the tone for whatever may follow – in my case, it was Qigong – but in your case this breath can be used before going into a job interview, getting ready to hit or pitch a baseball, or before a big piano recital.  The possibilities are endless, the movement is timeless, simple and real.

This one relaxing breath should be used as much as possible, whenever possible.  Do one now, and you’ll find it’s liberating and relaxing.

The more you can truly relax and let go during this one movement, the more effective it will be.

For people who have practiced before, were you ever taught this?  Unfortunately teachers often teach the movements but have a more difficult time conveying the subtle.  This is normal.

But take this one simple breath and use it wherever you can, and you’ll find immense power in a very simple moment.

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