Methods to reduce stress, anytime.

Stress reduction is vital to radiant health, happiness and general well-being. I have taught many students simple methods that can be used anytime to reduce stress.  These methods are so simple and effective and can be used anytime – before going to bed, in the middle of a stressful day, or anytime you feel any tension at all.

  • Focus on your natural breathing (bringing your mind’s awareness down to the rise and fall of your belly).
  • The Qigong exercises for the neck (turning left and right, side to side, and small circles)
  • Gentle tapping all around the head to release the stress under the surface the skin.

These methods above are so powerful, but like any movement, you really need to practice them over and over before you can really understand how powerful they are.  Focusing on your breathing is actually the most potent of them all, as it triggers so many physiological changes in your body and puts you in an automatic state of healing. The other method we talked about was using the GB21 acupressure points on the tops of the shoulders to physically and energically release stress and
tension. ***NOTE:  Don’t use the GB21 points if you are pregnant***.  Start by holding the GB21 points on both sides of my shoulders The GB21 point is easy to find, in most people it is quite tender.  Don’t press too hard on it.  Push the points on both shoulders with light pressure and simply focus on your breathing, feeling the rise and fall of your belly.  Don’t worry about getting the exact
point, if you find a point that is tender that will work.  Hold for any amount of time 10 seconds to 2 minutes, whatever feels good.  Then massage the area around the GB21 points. Of course, listen to your own body, don’t press to hard on the points, and if you feel any discomfort, relax, massage the area and return your focus to your breathing. Keep working with these simple yet powerful methods, you will begin to see amazing results.

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