How Often Should I Practice?

The answer is simple: practice Qigong daily.

Imagine any other activity – playing piano, learning a language, or learning to read.

Achievement is not instant in the activities above, it comes over time.  Like learning a language, once you practice Qigong for years, it becomes second nature, like speaking a native language.

If you don’t practice every day, what happens?  Nothing special.  You’ll only dive into the surface of Qigong.  This may be fine for you, and you might find it fits your lifestyle. But there is no substitute for the learning and healing power of Qigong when you practice daily.

The body learns how to relax when you practice daily.  It gets used to the feeling, and it likes it.

The more you practice, the more you become aware of your scattered, cloudy everyday mind. The distinction becomes more and more obvious, until a deep understanding of yourself emerges, and you become powerful to change any aspect of your life that you want.

Find the time if you can.  Finding the quiet time each day in our busy lives can be tricky. But if you solve that issue – you’ll find many benefits await you.

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