Why Every Qigong Practice Session is Different

Qigong practice, like all arts, is improved and enhanced through repetition. All art forms have ways of making these repetitive actions fun or interesting to promote further practice. In Qigong, every practice session is different for a number of reasons.

Every Day the Energy Around You is Different
You might practice the same place each time you train, or you might practice in different locations.  Even the same location can have a different energy or feel.  The air flow and amount of noise will usually be different.  Even if in a quiet spot, there are subtle noises that can completely change your mind state.

During one practice session recently, I found my practice getting more and more intense as a certain movement went on.  After some time, it suddenly got silent and my energy immediately slowed down and settled.  It was then that I realized a loud air conditioner unit had been running for a bit, and I hadn’t really noticed on a conscious level.  However on the sub-conscious level it made my energy circulate fast and somewhat chaotic, and I only realized it when the noise stopped.

Every Day Your Energy is Different
You are not the same every day.  You are constantly growing and changing, energy rising and falling.  Every day your energy is just a little different in your body, therefore your practice works with the energy as it is that day.

For example, if your energy is low, your practice brings it up. If it’s too high (for example stress) then your practice brings it down.

Every Day Your Body is Different
Your physical body is also different every day.  Whether it be a new ache or pain, or the absence of that old ache and pain, you are different.  Your movements will feel slightly different depending on your state.  You also might have increased awareness of certain areas as you practice more and more – so your increased awareness also changes your perception of how your body feels.

Approach each day of practice with a fresh mind. Just focus on how you are at that exact moment, and pay attention to all the subtle feelings in your body, mind and spirit.  Then let it all go and practice without thought or worry.

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