The Secret That Makes Qigong MUCH Easier

When learning Qigong, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the details of “what moves should I learn”, “am I doing this right”, and “what benefits am I getting”. However, those thoughts all lead you down the wrong path. This is called “goal-oriented practice” and keeps you at a superficial level. You must simplify to go deeper.

Real practice is simple. It can be explained in one simple phrase, and when followed, is the most powerful healing elixir available. It’s easy to remember, easy to follow, and highly effective. You must know this one simple secret.

Relax and breathe. That is the root of our practice.

“Wait!” you might say. “That’s it?” you might think.

It’s way more powerful than just the three words.

Relax – real practice and everything else will ONLY arrive if you can first relax. That starts to open the channels up.

Breathe – you need oxygen right? More oxygen = more energy = instantaneous improvement in health and energy.

These two combined allow the healing energy (aka oxygen) to actually reach the parts of the body that it needs to – the digestive area, the lower body, the hands, and the head.

If you add movement, it’s Qigong. Without movement, it’s meditation. Regardless of what you call it, it’s simply pure healing and a good feeling.

Don’t complicate your practice.

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