The Secret to Qigong- Re-Learn to Breathe!

We all love the gentle movements of Qigong.  Not only does it provide gentle stretching for our muscles and tendons, but it circulates vital Qi and blood to all areas of the body, re-energizing every cell.  In the beginning, the external movements are the easiest to see, and we can sometimes mistakenly think these movements are all there is to Qigong.

The real secret to Qigong is what happens inside the body, not out.  When you relax and breathe naturally, your body shifts into a state of natural healing, moving your vital life energy into your organs and all the internal areas that call for more energy.  This is not a conscious process – this is the design of the human body and happens only if you relax and breathe and let it happen on it’s own.  Any conscious attempt to relax or circulate the energy is not genuine, and the mind will get in the way of this process.

The external movements of Qigong can facilitate your meditative practice.  As you slow down your breathing and co-ordinate your external movements to your breathing, your body comes into balance, harmonizing the inside and outside of your physical and energetic body.  At this point, you will naturally feel more relaxed and at peace, and thus you are halfway to a meditative state!

I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to cultivate inner stillness.  Qigong is a special time where we can turn our focus inward and work on this inner stillness, but we must begin carrying this inner stillness over into our everyday life.  Today, being the Chinese New Year, start making the effort today to cultivate calmness and stillness in your everyday life. Take 10 seconds to shut out everything around you and just breathe.  10 seconds!  We all have 10 seconds of free time throughout our day.

If you have difficulty meditating, talk to me after class or email me, and I’d be glad to offer some inspiration.  You can also attend one of Lisa’s classes (she has Thursday night meditation class as well, see for a complete class schedule).  But most importantly, you must begin working on meditation every day.  No excuses!  If you want to learn, the only way is to start trying.  Be patient, walk the path slowly, and remember, there is no end goal – walking the path is enlightenment itself!

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