The Simplest Qigong Movement

I created a technique called “The One Breath”, and it’s something I discovered by exploring Qigong many years ago.

At anything in life, you might have a hard time “getting started”. Sometimes tasks overwhelm us, or we are just not in the right mind state to accomplish whatever it is we’re trying to do.

The One Breath is a simple but effective technique to reset and come back to focus.

The practice of One Breath can be done on it’s own, or during your normal Qigong sessions. Every breath can be the One Breath if you are good enough! It requires constant focus from moment to moment.

Simply decide to relax and not think about things for “one breath only”. This intention is a simple way to clear the mind, and such a mild commitment the brain can hardly say no. “Only one breath?” the brain says. “And then I can go back to worrying and thinking…ok!”. See it’s easy to clear your mind when it’s just one breath.

So, inhale and focus on the air coming in, and nothing else. Feel thoughts and tensions drift away (even if for a short moment). Don’t inhale too much, and when comfortable, exhale and continue the relaxed mind state.

You may choose to do another, as long as it’s real, or you can stop there. It’s really simple and in theory designed to show you what clearing your mind feels like, even if for a brief moment.

And in practical terms, you can use it whenever you need to. Pitchers in baseball use it to clear their mind before a big important pitch. Basketball players use it before every free throw. And there are countless other ways to use it.

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