How To Properly “Practice” Qigong And Obtain Benefits

Qigong is a practice.  By definition, a practice is something that you do over and over again to fully understand and master it.  Qigong is certainly a practice, in that the more you do it, the more you get in touch with the subtle aspects of your existence.

There are some common misunderstandings – very simple ones that can easily prevent someone from discovering the wonderful practice.  Some people think that the practice should be easy from the start, and if it’s not, they are not interested. That’s missing the point of the practice. In fact, when Qigong is not easy to do when you first start, it means you actually really need the practice.

See, Qigong is all about relaxing and learning to breathe.  When we can’t do either, we have low energy, get irritated easily and are very judgmental, about ourselves and others.  When we are relaxed, life is good.  So, Qigong is really learning how to relax.

When we practice Qigong, it’s not always easy to relax. And that’s the point…we are training ourselves to relax, even when it’s not easy.  Of course it’s easier to practice in our studio, where there’s peaceful music and other like minded people relaxing around you. But are you able to practice at home?  Why not?  Most likely there are too many things going on, and things are completely relaxed.

The secrets unlock when you apply these principles when you are not relaxed…magically you begin to feel better.  But it takes inital effort to learn how to relax in a controlled environment, then you practice at home, carving out time for yourself to relax, then it becomes easier.

Once you can relax, then you can dive deeper in the practice…or not!  See, everyone has a different goal when they practice, but I’m sure everyone has the initial goal of relaxing and reducing stress.  You don’t have to take Qigong to a high level.  Learn to relax with simple techniques and enjoy life!  Or go deeper.  The choice is yours (always, of course).

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