Qigong Balance – Breathing and Letting Your Movements Follow

After practicing Qigong, people report they are in a “good state of balance”. It’s more of a feeling than it is something you can describe, but I’ll explain how that actually works, and give you one simple exercise to practice to feel this “coming to balance” that you strive to experience during your practice.

We achieve balance by making our body’s movements and breath one.

In reality, they are already one since the respiration happens inside the body, however, they are two different processes.

Your breathing is involuntary, yet you can consciously control it. You can make it better, or you can also make it worse. But you always breathe no matter what.

So the root of our Qigong movement is a slow, comfortable, relaxed breath. Let’s start with that.

One inhale, one exhale.

Now on the next breath, bring your hand up while you inhale. Then bring it down when you exhale. At whatever speed your breathing is at…not the other way around.

Then, begin to change your breathing – slow it down. If your hand follows the breath, it slows down too.

Practice this, and you’ll experience the feeling of balance between the body and breath.

Strive for this in every moment!

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