Let Go and Forget About “Attaining Something” in practice

Ideas of results from our Qigong practice get in the way of real practice.  Desires engage the mind and distract us.  Let go of those thoughts and simply practice.

Now, I know what you might think. “Why practice Qigong if you’re not looking to gain something from it? Isn’t that the point of practicing, to get something from it?”

It works like this – you only get the benefits of the practice when you can quiet your mind and get out of your own way! Your mind and all your pre-conceived notions are all part of the problem. You must let ALL of that go, forget about “attaining” anything at all, and simply relax and practice.

When you do this – something magical happens. Your energy begins to flow properly again. Your body puts itself into a state of healing. And your body takes care of the rest.

If you practice with a goal in mind, your mind will be engaged, and you won’t reach the mind stated needed for true healing.

So RELAX and let go, simply breathe and practice, and you’ll find the benefits will magically come to you.

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