Do One Thing Only

Sometimes when I am having trouble motivating myself for practice, I practice this exercise below.  I might be tired mentally or physically, or not have a lot of time, distractions, etc…but still want to get my practice in.

This practice is so simple, you literally have no excuse not to practice it.

The One Thing I challenge you do to is actually not one thing at all, it’s nothing.

Simply stand and exist. Breathe as it feels natural, but don’t think about it.

You’re allowed to take a couple deep breaths, but after doing that consciously, simply do nothing but stand and exist.

Make sure to get your posture right before beginning. But once you do, forget about that as well.

Simply stand and exist. Can you do it? It’s harder than you think to do it right.

Your mind will wander. You’ll ask “why am i doing this?”. You’ll get distracted by noises you hear. You will notice something in your body.

But that’s all ok.

It’s not about doing one thing, it’s your path to get there. It’s the journey to quiet the mind and focus on doing nothing but existing.

It’s great simple meditation. Smile when done, as you just did your body, mind and spirit good!

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