3 Simple Keys to Real Qigong

Real Qigong is not complex.  There are very few rules, if any.  There are no chants to remember and no special level of knowledge or achievement needed.

Real Qigong involves the following three things:

Relaxation – of the mind, body and spirit.  Let go of thoughts, worries, and concepts.  Relax.

Breathing – Slow, comfortable breathes, long slow exhales, deep inhalations without forcing anything.

Movement – Simple, flowing movements with little to no effort.  Muscles are not engaged.  Mind is barely engaged, if at all.

Of the three points listed above, the third is actually the least important of the three, yet it’s often considered the most important because it can be observed outwardly.

In order to be still on the outside, you must first truly be still on the inside.

This means you should primarily focus on relaxing and breathing, and not place much importance on the movements.  However, many people get caught up in trying to memorize the movements and to get them right.

Don’t fall into that trap. Learn to relax. Learn to breathe. Learn to pay attention to your body.

Pay attention when it’s not easy to relax.  Where do you feel tension?  Why can’t you relax? Is it physical?  Is it mental or spiritual?  Whatever it is, it’s ok.  Don’t put any pressure on yourself to be any certain way – you are what you are at that moment – embrace it and become aware of it.

Once you become aware of the fact that you can’t relax, you can easily figure out why. Once you figure out why, you can make the physical or mental corrections to relax.  Maybe you just need a big deep exhalation.  How about a vocal sigh?  That usually does wonders for me.

Physical issues keeping you from relaxing?  Stretch a little.  Sit or lay down if that feels better.

Whatever it takes, learn your own body, then learn to relax.

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