Qigong – Affordable Healthcare For All

Healthcare is a world wide issue.  Some countries have good public healthcare while others do not.  Some countries, like the United States, have great acute care but poor preventative medicine. And an individual’s experience may vary depending on where they live, who their doctor is, or what their condition is.

All in all, modern medicine and healthcare is amazing in many respects – from heart transplants to brain surgery, to all the amazing people who work in the Emergency Rooms and literally save lives every day – there are many dedicated people who do their absolute best to take care of people when they need it.

Today however, many people suffer from chronic, unknown illnesses.  While some of these unknown illnesses have names, such as Epstein-Barr virus, treatment is very difficult. Symptoms  come and go, and further there’s no good understanding of how one gets illnesses like this.  Treating them becomes even more difficult, and often the recommendation is to treat it with diet and lifestyle.on.

Qigong is a way you can take your health into your own hands! It’s the ultimate preventative medicine.

Preventative maintenance can help prevent future illness and boost your body’s immune system to heal existing issues.

Years ago, Qigong and self-healing were unheard of in the West.  Now, everyone knows about it, and many people have taken advantage of this free and easy practice.

Once you learn Qigong, you can practice on your own, and it’s free!  While I’ve spent lots of money training with teachers, attending seminars and buying videos, my practice is now my own and I don’t need to rely on anyone else for my own preventative care.

You can too!  Learn Qigong Online with us today!

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