How It Works

How Do I Train Online?

Our students have reported many different ways to use our online training, and you can choose the method that works best for you.

Each lesson has some essential teachings, and then a small exercise to practice to further understand the lesson.

Watch the video, practice along at the end, and then turn off your computer screen and practice again on your own. Relax and really get into the movement, and forget about the computer or the teaching. Just try it out on your own.

Others like to practice along with our full length courses. Some have reported playing the videos on a large screen, while others will use their tablet or mobile device.

In the end, you will need to practice on your own. So consider this online training “a teacher who is always available”.

In order to expand your knowledge, and ask question, take part in our Qigong Forums, where you can see other questions members have and ask Qigong Masters direct questions. Students often have many questions, so please feel free to ask anything – learning Qigong takes time, but with access to a teacher via our Forums, you will progress at a good pace.

Do I need fast Internet?

Since this is video training, you will need a stable Internet connection.