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I learned first discovered Qigong at the Kung Fu Conservatory, where I was training in a very lethal style of kung fu, Fu Jow Pai. Since it was a very serious and hard style of kung fu, my teacher, the great Sifu Julian Duran, taught us Qigong to balance out the intensity from our martial arts training. It was important to him that we understand that even though we were training in a serious martial art, we needed to use our power wisely, have a clear mind, and make good decisions and not use our martial arts unwisely.

He learned Qigong and Kung Fu from his teacher, Wai Hong, and taught in a very traditional manner. This meant you learned only one small piece, and were required to practice just this one piece until you could show a complete understanding of the movement. This meant weeks, or months, of practicing one thing, over and over, until a deeper understanding was reached. At first it didn’t make sense, but then as you practiced, you realized that it takes a lot of time to truly understand Qigong and these movements. The brain thinks “Oh, I can do this movement now, I know it”. But the reality is you need to practice these movements over and over, in different mind sets, and battle through trying to understand the movement on a mental level and work on relaxing and not worrying about “knowing” or “not knowing”. Just simply practice the movement, be sincere, and have no external motives.

I’m so grateful to Sifu Duran for having taught me the foundations of Qigong in the traditional way.
It set me up for a lifetime of true practice. And this is what I hope to teach to everyone here.