Work and Play from a Daoist point of view

How many times have you been at work thinking “I don’t want to be here right now, I’d rather be somewhere else”?  It’s natural to have this feeling.  When we live in the dualistic world of “work” and “play”, we are bound to experience this.

In Daoism, we strive to get rid of all duality in our thinking.  Once we remove the limiting dualistic thought, we find there is little distinction between work and play.  Work is simple”what we had to do in those moments we are at work”.  Because we know we need to be there, there’s no desire to be elsewhere. We are content with being there, and we’re not labeling the activity as “good or bad”

Likewise, when we are relaxing or not working, we shouldn’t make a distinction and create an attachment to “not working”.  Enjoy your time relaxing, as simply consider it “what you need to do in that moment”.

Some will say “too much work will burn you out”, or “too much play and you won’t have money to live”.  Certainly you could take that perspective and make it reality. However, if you find a way to truly live in the moment, you will not be held down by the past, you will always find yourself right here, wherever you are, doing what is necessary at that moment.

The way of the Dao is very simple.  Don’t let your mind make it difficult!

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