The Daoist and the Religious Man

A Daoist runs into a man of religion one day on his way into town.  They stop and greet each other, and chat for a bit.  The religious man is very anxious to tell the Daoist about his religion.  The Daoist says “I would love to hear all about your faith and philosophy.  Although I am on my way somewhere, let’s exchange ideas.  You enlighten me on the core teachings of your religion, and I will give you the core teaching of Daoism.”

The religious man, excited to talk about his faith, begins to explain how all powerful his God is, how he created everything, and how he lives to serve his God.  He brings up the different moral behavior that should be followed, and what one can expect from life and after life if he follows it.  His time runs up, and he feels like he could continue further, but alas it’s the Daoist man’s turn to speak.

The Daoist man simply stands in silence for one minute, smiling a genuine and peaceful smile.

The Daoist doesn’t need to sell anyone on his ideas or principles of Daoism. If one chooses to accept the path of Daoism as a way to explain the universe, they will find it on their own and be drawn to it for it’s simplicity.  A person who is anchored already in a firm idea of his/her own religion will most likely not be open to a completely different point of view, so why struggle and argue?  Let the religious person be happy with his own faith. No struggle, allow everyone to be themselves, that is the true nature of things.

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