Daoist Poem “To Travel Well”

This was written by a friend and student, The Once and Future Poet.

To Travel Well

I am as a stone in the ocean of the Dao.
I am thrown into it to make ripples that I cannot conceive.
My ripples reinforce some but dissolve others.
But only when I take the intention out of my ripples can they truly co-exist with others in a harmonious non-intention of thought.
For my importance is no greater or less than anyone else’s.
For each of us is a single tile in the Daosaic.
Each of us fulfilling a role that, we need not know the outcome of to make peace with.
The Dao asks nothing of us other than that we not ignore its guiding energy; the path that we all must follow to maintain a state of perfect balance with ourselves and those around us.
To allow the Yin to nurture the Yang will bring about prosperity, kindness, and love.
To allow the Yang to protect the Yin will enact justice, harmony, and balance.
Only in balance will you come to know the Dao.

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