Daoist Method of Eliminating Stress

Qigong and breathing exercises help us to relax and sense inner tension we have in our body.  The more sensitive we become to this, the sooner we can recognize stress and tension affecting us and we can adjust to it.  If we don’t see stress coming on and causing physical issues soon enough, we can become depleted more susceptible to illness.

However effective these methods are at helping us to relax, it’s far more important to begin to learn how to eliminate stress instead of fighting it off with Qigong and breathing exercises.  In addition, you will find that the practice then becomes much deeper when you practice for periods of time without any major stress….then you really start to discover the secrets of Qigong.

How do you eliminate stress?  By addressing it at the root, of course!

And what is the root of stress?  No, it’s not your job, your situation or anything external.  The root of your stress is you and it lies in your mind!

I’m sure you have heard this before, but understand carefully: you create stress in your mind based on the way you view the world and your relation to it.  If you can change the way you view the world, you can change the way external situations affect you internally.

For example, my job can be stressful.  So, one might say that maybe my job is the problem, and I should get a less stressful job if I want to reduce my stress.  But maybe I’m the problem instead.  What if I changed my perspective on my job?

What if I didn’t let other people at my work affect my mood?  What if I decided one day that I was not going to allow my co-workers stress level get to me?  What if I decided to be grateful to have job that all in all is pretty good to me? Well then, I’d be on the road to changing my perspective which automatically reduces my levels of stress.

You will have to explore your own mind to understand how to incorporate this principle in your own life.  I can give you examples of things I’ve learned in my life, but ultimately you are walking on your own path, with your own challenges and obstacles.

The point is that you must actively start observing the way you view the world and the things that cause you stress, and understand why those situations affect you in that way.  This process of inner awareness will help you understand yourself in a way that only you can know.

Once you become fully aware of your unique perspective, begin to look at situations from a completely different point of view, just to see what it feels like.  From there, you can start trying to actually practice that different perspective.  You’ll make good progress on some days, other days you’ll totally forget about the new perspective and be absorbed in stress, but later you’ll realize it and it will change you for the better.

Along your path, you might start understanding how stress truly affects your health…you might see the connection between prolonged periods of stress and an flu or cold you catch just after.

By understanding this, you might be able to prevent the flu by knowing you need to relax and boosting your immune system with good natural foods (vegetable soups), herbs (ginger teas, astragalus) and Qigong.  You will understand more and more as time goes on, and it will unfold for the rest of your life.

So what is the Daoist method of eliminating stress?  Fixing your mind so that stress does not have a chance to exist in your new perspective.

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