• 8 Pieces of Silk Brocade

    11 Lessons

    This Qigong set is one of the most practiced Qigong sets in the world! It is a more active Qigong practice and fantastic for overall health, including healing injuries, boosting your immune system and becoming stronger. The Qigong set gets

  • Qigong for Weight Loss and Digestion

    18 Lessons

  • Opening the Channels

    12 Lessons

    Opening the Channels should be the first set that you master, and performed before any other Qigong movements during your daily practice. This set will gently open your energy pathways, so just make sure not to try too hard or

  • Essential Qigong For Health

    10 Lessons

    This Essential Set of Qigong movements is a great general practice, as it is safe for anyone to use, and covers all the major energy systems. For the first year or so, practice this set very gently. As your awareness

  • Qigong Basics

    18 Lessons