Qigong Theory

Practice without Expectations

Qigong is really meant to be practiced with no goal or expectation in mind, after all, when we have expectations, we can become disappointed.  Daoism teaches us to release all expectations and to surrender to “The Dao” or the natural flow of things.

In reality though, most of us become interested in Qigong because of the positive benefits that natural result from the practice.  It certainly improves our immune system, reduces stress, and allows us to be more spiritually aware.

Qigong “Practice”

Qigong is a practice.  By definition, a practice is something that you do over and over again to fully understand and master it.  Qigong is certainly a practice, in that the more you do it, the more you get in touch with the subtle aspects of your existence.

There are some common misunderstandings – very simple ones that can easily prevent someone from discovering the wonderful practice. 

How to Relax in Qigong Practice

In our Nei Shi system of Qigong (Art of Looking Inward), we say that Qigong practice is three things: breathing, relaxing and moving. Let’s take a look at relaxing and how to actually accomplish it.

First, you can’t actively be part of the relaxing process.