Qigong Theory

Is Qigong easy?

This line of thinking will get you in a lot of trouble. What is easy? What is hard? They are really just comparisons, dualistic thoughts that support each other. It’s seemingly a way we can gauge the difficulty level of something, yet, it sets up limits.

How Does Qigong Facilitate Weight Loss and Digestion?

Qigong is more than just the outward forms that are usually associated with the practice. Real Qigong practice happens inside the body, and involves proper breathing, proper mind state (detached from expectations and results) and the ability to truly relax.  The benefits of Qigong are many, but the general practice with the inclusion of specific techniques can dramatically improve digestion, elimination and facilitate weight loss.

First, the core of the practice is

What is Qigong (and why you should practice it!)

There are many definitions for the practice commonly known as “Qigong”.  Actually the term “Qigong” is less than a century old.  Throughout it’s long history it has taken on many different Chinese names.  Regardless of the name, the core practice has always been the same.

Every great book on the subject has addressed in some way what the practice is.  While I don’t know if this definition has ever been included in a book, it’s the best way I can describe this practice.

Qigong is the “Science of the way the human body works, in relation to the environment surrounding it.”. 

Teach Yourself Qigong!

Oftentimes in life, we look to teachers to bestow knowledge upon us. This might work for static knowledge, like history or a language, but Qigong is different.  Qigong, being a subtle art, is difficult to teach directly.  You must learn the essence of the practice and then work with it yourself to really figure it out.

Beginner’s Guide to Qigong

What is Qigong?  Let’s break down the Chinese word into it’s 2 parts, Qi and Gong.

The concept of Qi (pronounced “Chee”) is a Chinese concept that predates written history.  It is translated into “life energy” and is present in all things in the universe.  Chinese scholars and doctors have had the longest history researching Qi, and have brought the understanding of Qi to a very deep level.  In fact, Traditional Chinese Medicine, as practiced today, developed from this research in Qi.

Daily Practice – Part II

I’m sure you have all heard me talk about how important it is to practice Qigong daily. Most Chinese masters will tell you that you must practice a movement or set every day for 100 days (without skipping a single day) in order to begin to obtain the benefits of the practice.  While I certainly believe great things happen when you practice daily, I also understand the challenge of being able to practice daily.

The Secret to Qigong- Re-Learn to Breathe!

We all love the gentle movements of Qigong.  Not only does it provide gentle stretching for our muscles and tendons, but it circulates vital Qi and blood to all areas of the body, re-energizing every cell.  In the beginning, the external movements are the easiest to see, and we can sometimes mistakenly think these movements are all there is to Qigong.

The real secret to Qigong is