Daoist Method of Eliminating Stress

Qigong and breathing exercises help us to relax and sense inner tension we have in our body.  The more sensitive we become to this, the sooner we can recognize stress and tension affecting us and we can adjust to it.  If we don’t see stress coming on and causing physical issues soon enough, we can become depleted more susceptible to illness. However effective these methods …

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Students and teachers

“Sometimes the student is the teacher.  Sometimes the teacher is the student.” In Qigong, we don’t place any importance on titles, levels, achievements, etc.  All those ideas are concepts of the ego, man-made labels to place us into categories in order to satisfy our ego’s need to classify and compare things.

Daoist Principle of Wu Wei – “Non-Doing”

Non-Doing. It’s a Daoist thing.  And often mistranslated and misunderstood, non-doing sounds pretty lazy! Daoism is actually the science of how the universe works (and us included, since we are part of it).  We’re starting to learn that Daoism dates back to before there are written records in China, which makes it 7000+ years old. …

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