Common Questions

How Often Should I Practice?

The answer is simple: practice Qigong daily.

Imagine any other activity – playing piano, learning a language, or learning to read.

Achievement is not instant in the activities above, it comes over time.  Like learning a language, once you practice Qigong for years, it becomes second nature, like speaking a native language.

If you don’t practice every day, what happens?  

What if I don’t believe in Qi…?

This is a great question, because Western society does not teach us about Qi growing up, so naturally it is a foreign concept to us.  However, if you grew up in Asia, you would understand this concept since Traditional Chinese Medicine uses Qi in it’s proven system of healing and prevention.  So, how does one start the process of “understanding Qi”?

Is Qigong easy?

This line of thinking will get you in a lot of trouble. What is easy? What is hard? They are really just comparisons, dualistic thoughts that support each other. It’s seemingly a way we can gauge the difficulty level of something, yet, it sets up limits.

Beginner’s Guide to Qigong

What is Qigong?  Let’s break down the Chinese word into it’s 2 parts, Qi and Gong.

The concept of Qi (pronounced “Chee”) is a Chinese concept that predates written history.  It is translated into “life energy” and is present in all things in the universe.  Chinese scholars and doctors have had the longest history researching Qi, and have brought the understanding of Qi to a very deep level.  In fact, Traditional Chinese Medicine, as practiced today, developed from this research in Qi.

What is Qigong?

There are many definitions for the practice commonly known as “Qigong”.  Actually the term “Qigong” is less than a century old.  Throughout it’s long history it has taken on many different Chinese names.  Regardless of the name, the core practice has always been the same.

Every great book on the subject has addressed in some way what the practice is.  While I don’t know if this definition has ever been included in a book, it’s the best way I can describe this practice.

Qigong is the “Science of the way the human body works,