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Simplest Qigong Movement

I call this method “the One Breath” and it was something I discovered during my practice.

At anything in life, you might have a hard time “getting started”. Sometimes tasks overwhlem us, or we are just not in the right mind state to accomplish whatever it is we’re trying to do.

Do One Thing Only

Sometimes when I am having trouble motivating myself for practice, I practice this exercise below.  I might be tired mentally or physically, or not have a lot of time, distractions, etc…but still want to get my practice in.

This practice is so simple, you literally have no excuse not to practice it.

Your First Qigong Movement

There are some movements in Qigong that are timeless.  These movements appear throughout many different styles of Qigong, and are essential to the practice.

When we discover these movements, they are true treasures.  Simple, basic, and at the root of all Qigong practice that has ever been created.

Your first Qigong movement should be this movement.

This Secret Makes Qigong MUCH Easier

When learning Qigong, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the details of “what moves should I learn”, “am I doing this right”, and “what benefits am I getting”. However, those thoughts all lead you down the wrong path. This is called “goal-oriented practice” and keeps you at a superficial level. You must simplify to go deeper.

Real practice is simple. It can be explained in one simple phrase, and when followed, is the most powerful healing elixir available. It’s easy to remember, easy to follow, and highly effective. You must know this one simple secret.