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Qigong – Affordable Healthcare For All

Healthcare is one of the biggest political issues the United States faces. Some get good care, some get poor care, and others get no care. Because Healthcare in this country is a giant business, most people don’t see it changing for the better anytime soon.

The best way to reduce your dependency on the failing system

What is Qigong?

There are many definitions for the practice commonly known as “Qigong”.  Actually the term “Qigong” is less than a century old.  Throughout it’s long history it has taken on many different Chinese names.  Regardless of the name, the core practice has always been the same.

Every great book on the subject has addressed in some way what the practice is.  While I don’t know if this definition has ever been included in a book, it’s the best way I can describe this practice.

Qigong is the “Science of the way the human body works,