Learn to heal yourself.

We teach simple Qigong and Reiki healing techniques that help you reduce stress, sleep better and feel better, right away!

Free and Premium Training

Free Qigong Classes

Access our Opening the Channels course and our library of free Qigong , including full online classes. Learn special techniques such as movements to reduce stress and feel better.

Registration is free and no credit card required.

Premium Classes and Workshops

Access our premium classes to achieve amazing results such as better sleep, reduced stress, better digestion and a stronger immune system.

Purchase single classes or access all content with our low cost monthly membership!

Natural Healing, No Side Effects

Better Sleep

We teach you easy to use, low impact exercises that calm your nervous system, relax your mind, and prepare your body for a great night’s sleep!


Boost Your Immune System

Your body’s immune system is boosted when you practice Qigong.  This helps you heal more efficiently and maximize your body’s natural healing power!


Reduced Stress

Modern life generates stress, and Qigong is a practice that releases stress from the body. Techniques learned can be used spontaneously to release stress anywhere, anytime!


Increased Energy

Qigong purges toxins from your body and brings in fresh Qi energy. Through practice you will have more energy, more focus, more stamina, and more mental clarity!

No Experience Required.

You don’t need prior experience to benefit from Qigong practices. In fact, most beginners report the most dramatic, positive improvements as soon as they first begin practicing.

Try for yourself and see how easy it is!

Meet Your Teacher

About Me

I’ve been teaching Qigong in Sacramento, California since 2006 and offering online Qigong since 2010.  I also am a Level 3 Reiki Komyo ReikiDo practicioner and use Reiki to heal myself and others.

My Mission

I believe everyone deserves the right to learn how to heal themselves and take control of their health. I want to help people feel better, healthy, and live more satisfying and fulfilling lives!

"A moving hinge never rusts."
- Chinese Adage
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